I pledge to 10X my professional career.

I commit to take action at 10X levels daily to ensure I am reaching my full potential in my career. I will invest time and money in having my 10X Profession.

I pledge to 10X my family life.

I will invest time, money, resources and care with my family to ensure we have a 10X family life. I create time for my immediate and extended family to ensure that my family is best equipped for survival.

I pledge to 10X my income.

I will take all ethical actions necessary to 10X my income.  I commit to learn the skills necessary to ensure that I am able to reach my 10X income goals. I will no longer settle for income that just allows me to barely get by and will do whatever it takes to 10X my income.

I pledge to 10X my financial wealth.

I will study the wealthy and duplicate their successful actions for building wealth. I will invest time and money on those things that allow me to grow my income and value in the marketplace to ensure I increase my wealth.

I pledge to 10X my physical life.

I commit to invest time and energy in taking care of my physical condition daily. I will properly feed and exercise my body so that it is in the best condition possible to serve me in my 10X Life.

I pledge to 10X my spiritual life.

I commit to being the best person I can be and an example to others as someone that is generous, caring and loving.  I approach success and life as an ethical responsibility and will treat others as I would care to be treated. I commit to making a difference for the better.

I pledge to 10X my recreational life.

I will create times and money to fund 10X recreational moments for me and my family.   I am committed to creating time and money to fund these activities without going into debt.

 I am committed to 10X my life so that I can create a Super Life for myself and others!